Energy Leadership Index

What is the ELI?

Energy Leadership Index (ELI) is a unique and research-backed online attitudinal assessment that looks at your current perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors and how these collectively shape your world view and impact how you are showing up in the world and in your relationships.

Personality inventories like the Meyers Briggs and the Disc can be valuable tools that provide clarity regarding your strengths and areas of growth and help you discover how you can work to your full potential through a “work with what you have” model and adapting your behavior to achieve personal excellence.

The ELI assessment results, and the accompanying debrief illustrate how you currently view and approach your life, work, and relationships. It provides an opportunity to gain significant awareness and insight into how you are reacting and showing up in different life circumstances and the amount of energy you are investing or wasting.  Working through your results with an ELI Master Practitioner, (that’s me), can have a direct and powerful impact on you choosing how you want to act and how you want to use your energy in your life and in your personal and professional relationships.

What does the ELI have to do with Coaching?

The ELI assessment and personalized debrief allows you to gain direct insight into how you approach life and engage in the world. The supportive and non-judgmental nature of the ELI process provides a space to honestly examine the perceptions, attitudes and behaviors shaping your worldview and how they may be working for (or against) you.

The ELI is an online assessment that takes about 20 minutes to complete and is later followed by a 60 minute debrief where I will walk you through the results and together, we discuss the what the results may mean for you overall, as well as where and how you are currently investing your energy. Together, we will formulate a plan where you consciously choose what to adjust or prioritize in your life for you to experience powerful connections in your personal and professional relationships, confidence in leadership, and for you to live your best life.

What does the ELI have to do with Leadership?

Foundational to the ELI is that leadership is rooted in energy. The ELI assessment results will help you examine closely where and how you are investing your energy daily and if your energy is supporting (or taking away from) your leadership, life goals and your relationships.

For example, a leader that is often in a bad mood and creating tension wherever they go might be fostering a depressing and unwelcoming work, team, or home environment with low productivity by regularly showing up with worry, frustration and blaming type energy. 

On the contrary, a leader that is often in an upbeat mood and fueling positivity wherever they go could be creating a welcoming and affirming work, team or home environment that boosts morale, productivity, and success.

Energy influences how we act and how we lead.  It is normal to cycle up and down in our energy, the time and intensity of the energy we invest is OUR Choice!

The ELI Assessment and debrief can be an impactful starting point in the Coaching relationship. I offer Coaching packages that pair the ELI with individual or group coaching sessions, however, you can take it as a stand-alone coaching option.

What people are saying about Missy…
I had the opportunity to take the ELI and then do the debrief with Missy. I found that the ELI gave me valuable insights into my daily energy levels and helped me understand when I engaged and being the best version of myself with students, co-workers, and family. I found the debrief especially helpful with Missy because of her listening skills and ability to ask challenging profound questions that have guided me to do better. Missy helped me to look at my energy levels in response to stress and helped me raise my leadership capacity to bring more purpose and happiness to my life.

– Michael Manning, Athletic Director/Assistant Principal, Rosemount High School

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– Brene Brown